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The SBB Toolbar is a Firefox 3.0 add-on for a simple search of the SBB (swiss railways) timetable.

Good News!!

The SBB Toolbar is now available in version 3.0 at Mozilla:


  • Easy search for simple "from-to" queries
  • Advanced queries including:
    • Via stops
    • Date
    • Departure or arrival time
  • mySBB support
  • Customization through right-click "Customize..."
  • "Auto add stop" feature
  • Shortcut "Ctrl-Shift-S" shows/hides the toolbar
  • Localized in German, French, Italian and English.

The toolbar in the default simple mode:

The advanced mode:

Download / Installation

Attention: This add-on only works with Firefox 3.0 and later. If you have an earlier version, get latest version of Firefox here.

Please install the add-on from the Mozilla Add-ons Site.

After a restart of Firefox, the toolbar should be available.

Version History


  • Fixed date chooser
  • Added language selection for result pages


  • Added support for Firefox 3.x
  • Now supports "Relations" feature to remember your most used relations.


sbbtt-1.0.2.xpi (no more available from this website, please get the latest version from Mozilla Add-ons Site)

  • Important: The ID of this add-on has changed in this version, therefore you have to first uninstall any pre 1.0.2 version before installing the new version.
  • Added shortcut "Ctrl-Shift-S" for showing/hiding the toolbar
  • In advanced mode the toolbar extends on the same toolbar if there is enough space
  • Every search opens in a new tab
  • Support for Points of Interest
  • Changed the SBB menu
    • Added project "link"
    • Changed auto-add to be a checkbox (not a sub-menu)
  • Extension supports now auto-update via "Tools" > "Add-ons" > "Find Updates"


sbbtt-1.0.1.xpi (no more available from this website, please get the latest version from Mozilla Add-ons Site)

  • First version published on this webpage.


"Auto Add Stop"

The SBB toolbar can automatically add stops and relations you searched for to the mySBB stop and relation lists.

To enable this feature, click on the SBB logo on the left and choose "Automatically add stops".

This will hide the mySBB links on the result page (since the stops are automatically added).

If you do not enable this feature, only stops and relations you added yourself to mySBB will be displayed in the stop drop-downs.

Customize toolbars

You are free to customize the two SBB toolbars ("SBB Timetable Search" and "Advanced SBB Timetable Search").

To do this, ensure the advanced toolbar is visible by clicking on the ">>" icon (the window has to be small enough, otherwise the advanced bar is not shown). Then right-click on a toolbar and choose "Customize...". Now you can move the items between the two toolbars or even away from any of the toolbars.

Different result page (obsolete)

Warning: this feature is not officially supported and may change with future releases.

If you would like to have the result page in another language (e.g. your Firefox is in English but you would like to see the search results in German), you can set the config "" to the correct URL (e.g. "").

To add a config parameter in Firefox, type about:config in the location bar and press enter. Now right-click and choose "New > String". Enter the config name (i.e. "") and after pressing "OK", enter the value (i.e. "").


  • Give a simple way to edit the time (e.g. an analog clock)
  • Possibility to search return journey
  • Make shortcut (Ctrl-Shift-S) configurable
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Page last modified on June 20, 2011, at 12:07 PM GMT